Old Florida Fly Reels-A Brand Name Reel You Can Trust

When it comes to fly-fishing reels, few on the market today have the tradition and excellence that an Old Florida Fly reel has. These fly reels are what is considered by the pros, as a very durable and well-crafted reel. Developed by the company Nautilus, the old Florida fly reel has long been associated with maintainability and affordability.

Available in a slew of color options, the old Florida reels have set the bar for excellence with a product that is as much high quality as it is innovative. What is truly great about this reel is that you have many options when it comes to arbor. You can choose the standard arbor, with its traditional feel and long lasting quality that is sure to outlive your rod.

You can also choose the Old Florida fly reel large arbor, which like its smaller counterpart hold a traditional fly-fishing feel to them, yet have faster line retrieval, lots of backing capacity, lower startup inertia, and a classic look. This reel has a sturdy built, yet is medium weight that is not cumbersome or heavy.

If you are an avid fly-fisher, you may however want to go with the Old Florida reel super arbor. This reel is basically the exact duplicate of its smaller brothers yet it carries far less drag, and less line memory on coil. All of the fine products from Nautilus are made in the USA, and including the Old Florida fly reel has a great product warranty. All of the fly reels in the lineup have a very large line capacity and are made to last.

What separates this fly reel from the competition however, is the inter-changeability of the arbors. With just one rod, and one standard reel assembly, it can switch from a standard arbor to a super arbor in a very short period of time. This makes the reel a very useful and inexpensive way to have all you want from one neat package. Changing the arbors on the fly reel is a just a snap away, and you do not even have to be a pro or shop rep.

With anodized aluminum, polished black, or silver the reel makes for a very attractive tool of the fly-fishing trade. Check out the complete line of Nautilus reels including the Old Florida fly reel and see the difference for yourself once you hit the stream for the day.

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